Landscape and Hardscape Service

Landscaping is often just thought of as planting trees/shrubs and lawn care; however, it is also adding different elements to your surroundings such as: retaining walls, sitting areas, patios, and walkways.   You can further enhance your property by adding outdoor kitchens, fireplaces and pits. Our design experience and your creativity will make your backyard an extension of your home. Anytime Property Maintenance, LLC, has teams of talented designers, project managers, Horticulture specialists and operation crews that work diligently to go above and beyond your expectations. We have a solid reputation for creating amazing Landscapes. Our team is passionate and will meet with you to to make sure all your Needs are covered. While our designers work with you one-on-one we will consider different aspects ranging from seasonal interest, year-round color, which plants attract birds, butterflies,and are suited to your surroundings.

Landscaping Design

Anytime Property Maintenance designers present our one-of-a-kind designs at our customer’s home. It includes an architectural design, a review of each phase of the design process, and pictures of the plants selected for your landscape design.

Our landscape designers are passionate about plants and have extensive knowledge about the many plant varieties native to New Jersey. As we professionally design your garden, we consider seasonal interest, year-round color and a wide range of plants to attract birds, butterflies and beneficial insects. Plans can be tailored to your entire property or a small kitchen herb garden, and everything in between. Artistic ideas like building a special garden around a beautiful statue or zen pool can easily be accommodated.

Landscaping Installation

Anytime Property Maintenance, LLC, provides an environmentally-friendly, sustainable landscape installation with essential elements such as the preparation of the soil and planting beds. We also improve and treat the soil with organic compost, organic fertilizer and beneficial microbes.

We only use high-quality nursery stock in our installations and we offer a one-year guarantee on all plants that we install. Once the installation is complete, we use natural brown, bio-degradable mulch to cover the garden beds.
Our team will do the complete installation of our exclusive designs. We prepare the soil, plant the garden, and install irrigation when necessary, as well as coordinate with our in-house team for masonry work and hardscaping features. We’ll clean up all the mess leaving you to connect with nature in the landscape created just for you.


Hardscape Design

Anytime Property Maintenance, LLC, sets the standard for residential hardscapes by offering a diverse selection of materials and collections to choose from.

Whether your style is relaxed and tranquil or dynamic and energetic, hardscaping can help create an outdoor environment that suits your lifestyle – and boosts your home’s curb appeal. Hardscape refers to the building of “permanent” surfaces where the upper soil profile is no longer exposed to the actual surface of the earth. At Anytime Property Maintenance our vast portfolio of landscape and hardscape services allows you to transform your backyard, front yard, driveway or patio into a captivating living area you’ll be proud of.

We’ll come to your home with samples. Plus, we offer some of the most comprehensive warranties in the landscape and hardscape industry.

Hardscape Installation

The incorporation of  hardscape into a general landscape design must be done carefully. Anytime Property Maintenance, LLC has a great deal of experience in hardscape installations, employing only reputable installers, and using only the best materials. We have successfully installed garden borders, “dry stack” stone garden walls, small retaining walls, patios, walkways, and more.

Contemporary hardscape materials come in a variety of patterns, colors, shapes and sizes.   Our customers’ imaginations have dreamed of some very creative ideas for adding hardscapes to their property.


Waterscape Features

When a water feature is built correctly, they enhance both the beauty and the sound of your landscape. When it comes to water features, New Jersey offers great opportunities because our landscapes are full of slopes that are perfect for creating your own beautiful waterfall.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in residential and commercial waterscape design. Our goal is to offer aesthetically pleasing water features to your landscape design that are efficient in cost and maintainability.

Let your imagination flow! We can help you with installing and maintaining ponds, fountains and waterfalls.

Outdoor Lighting

New Jersey summers call millions of residents to entertain outdoors after the sun goes down.
If you have spent considerable time on your landscape design, it’s only natural to take the next step and install an outdoor lighting system that will illuminate all the features of your front and back yard. If your lawn is a lush green, your flowers are blooming, and your shrubs are manicured, your lighting system will show them off once the sun goes down.

We use the latest technology and innovations to create and design your outdoor lighting system.


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